Handwashing? Crazy! Dr. Semmelweis and the ugly power of peer pressure.

do no harmJune 2020. The findings and fate of Dr. Ignaz Semmelweis are increasingly well known, given the ease with which infectious diseases are transmitted by human hands. The Covid-19 pandemic has brought the role of handwashing into sharp focus..

9. Playing God

Playing GodEscaping the progress trap, chapter 9: The power of the rational mind to function independently is not to be underestimated. The pursuit of scientific knowledge for its own sake, detached from reality, is not inherently good and pure, but potentially harmful. It is reasonable to conclude from split-brain studies, from dubious experimental practices and from biomedical gambles that the logical mind can function with considerable disregard for external realities.

What it takes to end an environmental crisis

Progress Trap - health crisisCholera in London, 1858
It takes hardship, observation, data, and in the case of London's cholera epidemic - a stench from the River Thames so foul that Parliament ceased functioning. The next order of business was for the members of Parliament to quickly enact legislation ordering the overhaul of London's sewerage system.

Pentagon accepts climate change (2010)

solar tent"Climate change is happening, and there is a large amount of evidence that this is in fact man-made...Climate change is a certainty" - Rear Admiral David Tetley, Oceanographer, US Navy

"A powerful analysis of our situation"

This book shows how societies and individuals can be victims of their own success, often unconscious of the effects of ingenuity on their environment. When changes are man-made and harmful, a downward spiral begins: development that excludes solutions to problems that arise from development.

Research: The inner workings of progress

Ongoing research into the "progress trap" syndrome focuses on a more scientific than historic analysis of the behavioural aspect.

An analysis of the behavioural stages of counter-productive progress. January 25, 2012
(Research paper, preliminary notes)

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