My enlightenment - John F. Nash

"There's over-dependence on rationality, that is my enlightenment"
- John Nash 2007, in The Trap (episode 2), a BBC documentary by Adam Curtis.

"A powerful analysis of our situation"

This book shows how societies and individuals can have too much of a good thing, often unconscious of the effects of ingenuity on their environment. When changes are man-made and harmful, a downward spiral begins: development that excludes solutions to problems that arise from development.

People who don't believe in climate change?

"You won't find them on the fireline in the American West anymore," said a Federal chief of fire operations, interviewed by CBS News at the site of the fatal wildfire in Arizona on July 1st, 2013. Nineteen firefighters lost their lives fighting the fire near Yarnell, Arizona on June 30.

Instant hubris – luxury car fried by solar energy

The undesirable side-effects of science or technology are rarely illustrated so graphically, or as quickly. Erosion as a result of bad farming, or the loss of stratospheric ozone due to refrigerants may take many years to manifest their destinies. But the partial melting of a luxury car in one day – by sunrays focused and amplified by a concave modern building – gives cause for reflection.

Flexibility and Progress - why can't our leaders be more like Mandela?

In 2003, Dr. Gilla Family noted in the Creativity Research Journal, "Plenty of evidence exists for goodwill, honest effort, and dedication by individuals, groups, and nations...South Africa broke the back of apartheid and is on the road to reconciliation ...
Plenty of good reasons exist for realistic optimism that catastrophes can be avoided." 1

Freud and the attack on nature

The idea of subjugating and manipulating nature, as the earliest farmers did, still drives human endeavor. As Sigmund Freud put it in Civilization and its Discontents,* "Against the dreaded external world one can only defend oneself by...becoming a member of the human community, and, with the help, going over to the attack on nature and subjecting her to the human will."


This small southwest Pacific island is of special interest because it appears to have achieved sustainable development. An island of 1.8 square miles and 1,200 inhabitants, it is described by Jared Diamond as being "micromanaged for continuous and sustainable food production" 1

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